Real Estate

Optimum’s approach to real estate investing is driven by our deep understanding of the real estate and finance markets, the financial and operational expertise of our highly experienced team and our commitment to a long-term value creation philosophy. From the purchase to the management of the tenant, vertical integration is at the heart of our business.

Creating value

We create value by applying active asset management through our operations-oriented approach. This model allows for full control and hands-on management of the assets, as well as an accurate resources allocation and management focus at each key stage of the value creation process.

We give investors access to core, value-add and opportunistic real estate strategies in the best and most interesting real estate markets within Germany and the US. We target undervalued assets that have been mispriced – where previous owners have not invested in the properties or have mismanaged them.

Optimum in the US

With offices in Miami and New York, Optimum has a strong local presence wherever we operate.

The development projects in the US, managed by Optimum Development USA LLC since 2013, invest primarily in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Miami. Our vertically integrated team and hands-on approach assures close, detailed supervision of each project, and excellent on-site management. The property portfolio is well diversified not only from a market perspective, but also in terms of development strategy: the projects range from change of use, property enhancement and ground-up developments, to value add and core plus investments.