Tiziano Treu

Tiziano Treu, Professor Emeritus of Labour Law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, has over 30 years of experience in the fields of employment law and welfare institutions and in September 2015 has been appointed as a “Senior Advisor” of Optimum Asset Management S.A.
He is currently leading some of the most prominent national and international organisations in the fields of Law, Pension and Welfare. He currently seats as Chairman of the International Society of Labour and Social Security Law – ISLSSL, a recognised scientific think-tank promoting collaboration among some of the most prominent academics, lawyers and experts across the world – and Advisor of the Italian Government in the field of labour and employment law. In the past he has been Special Commissioner for the Italian National Institute of Pension and Welfare (INPS), the largest European Pension Fund that he left in March 2015, and in the past 30 years he covered some of the most important and strategic institutional roles within the Italian Government, such has Minister of Labour, Pension and Welfare, Minister of Transportation and Chairman of the “XI Commission for Labour and Welfare” of the Italian Senate, of which he also covered the role of Vice-Chairman.